Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Handful Of Apathetic Non-Reviews

Sorry for the delay, a wild personal life appeared. I'm going through my 'Movie Project' page and will write a paragraph or so on each one that I've watched but not actually reviewed. Generally this will be because I had nothing much to say on it, or it was a long time ago, or something like that. The next post will have an actual review of a film that did not bore me.

The Lives Of Others

I found it slightly tiresome to watch and not to my liking. There were some really nice ideas throughout but it all boiled down to 'reading poetry will make you a good person'. That plus the fact that it was so long ago I watched means I'm not actually going to elaborate on my notes. Enjoy!

November 1984
"If you want to know whether someone is guilty or not, the best way is to keep asking until they no longer can"
"No one can find out about this until we've found something"
"You're such a miserable idealist, you're almost some big shot"
"The officer's table is over there." "Socialism has to start somewhere" True believer
"Not allowed to record senior comrades"
Stasi man wants us to feel bad for Georg. Christa was just raped.
Art/Love softens. Humanises.
Fomenting discontent (banning permit to make Hauser/Georg talk)
Art (acting?) makes us 'more ourself'. More than we are.
Such conflicted loyalties. Doesn't alert checkpoint/writes report/doesn't deliver it
Superior suspects. In writing please. Very thorough.
Wiesler directly lies to superior.
"This text has "Poet" written all over it. I'd be surprised if I was wrong"
"Illegal antipsychotic drugs" what is this I don't even
"futile heroism"
'What is there to write of in this Federal Republic? Nothing to believe in, nothing to fight against'
To learn that your life was saved by Stasi and you were betrayed by your lover.

fragende = inquisitor/questioning
glauben = think/believe


Hey, it's that film about a guy who's mad as hell and isn't going to take it any more. I'm sure it's more relevant now than it was then (1976) but I just don't care. The satire is so obvious it feels childish, I don't feel anything when it becomes apparent how much Howard Beale is selling out his values to fill his persona, or how the network produces material (Beale's show) critical of the entire industry and yet nobody seems to notice and ratings only increase. With Sky & FOX News, satire has become reality and it makes Network irrelevant for me.

Star Trek (2009)

One of the worst films I've ever seen. I was so glad when it finished because it meant I could finally leave. I was so bored I couldn't even summon the energy to turn off the TV. Young Kirk was completely unbelievable, acting like some future-bro, everyone was grating, it was just a bad film. It doesn't even get a picture.

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  1. "I was so bored I couldn't even summon the energy to turn off the TV."